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London City


Past Investments





- Asset: Exclusive Prospecting License 6978

Company: Cobisen Investments CC

- Commodities: Gold

- Equity: 40%

- Country: Namibia 

- Period: 2018-2021


- Asset: Exploration License KON 4

- Company: Sodengol LDA

- Commodities: Oil (Onshore)

- Equity: 10% (Indirect)

Country: Angola

- Period: 2015


Current Investments


- Asset: EPL 8956

- Status: Preparedness to Grant

Commodities: Gold / Copper / Rare Earth Elements

- Size: 19,998 ha

Equity: 100%

Country: Namibia

- Description: In August 2023, the Namibian Ministry of Mines and Energy has notified Langhad Investments Proprietary Limited  that work can begin on the concession and that the final license will granted within a month from the date a EIA has been submitted to the government. Langhad has commissioned Namibian geologists to begin the work immediately.

EPL 8956 is geologically situated in the Namibian central Damaran orogenic belt and Kalkfeld; an area with 3 world class gold discoveries to this date . In the southern east, the concession is adjacent Broadmind Mining's rare earth elements mine.

Kalkfeld area and its surroundings may contain copper deposits, typically found in volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposits as well as Lead-Zinc deposits in carbonate-rich rocks.

EPL 8956 has attracted interests from Canadian and UK investors and we are still open to discuss with interested parties.



- Asset: To be confirmed

- Status: In negotiation

- Commodities: Copper / Vanadium

- Equity: 100%

- Country: Democratic Republic of Congo

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