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Past Investments





- Asset: Exclusive Prospecting License 6978

Company: Cobisen Investments CC

- Commodities: Gold

- Equity: 40%

- Country: Namibia 

- Period: 2018-2021


- Asset: Exploration License KON 4

- Company: Sodengol LDA

- Commodities: Oil (Onshore)

- Equity: 10% (Indirect)

Country: Angola

- Period: 2015


Current Investments


- Asset: EPL 8956

- Status: Preliminary License

Commodities: Gold

- Size: 19,998 ha

Equity: 100%

Country: Namibia

- Summary: Langhad Investments Proprietary Limited applied for EPL 8956 on 04 August 2022. A year later, the Namibian Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) notified Langhad of the preparedness to grant a permanent license on EPL 8956 based on the condition that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) should be completed within a year. Langhad commissioned Erongo Geoscience in Namibia to carry the work. The EIA is due to be completed no later than the 15 July 2024. Langhad is seeking investments for exploration.

- Geology: EPL 8956 is geologically situated in the Namibian central Damaran orogenic belt and Kalkfeld; an area with 3 world class gold discoveries to this date. B2gold Otjikoto mine is located within 50 km east from EPL 8956  while Broadmind Mining Eisenberg Carbonatite Project on rare earth elements lays adjacently in the southern east.

Kalkfeld area and its surroundings may contain copper deposits, typically found in volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposits as well as Lead-Zinc deposits in carbonate-rich rocks.

- Historical works: The area covering EPL 8956 was previously explored by Canadian mining multinational Teck Resources. In 2007, Teck completed a desktop preliminary report which we acquired from the Namibian of Ministry of Mines and Energy. This was followed by sampling works where among others, 69 soil samples from 30cm deep pits arranged in a cross pattern within 2-3m diameter circle provided a detection limit for gold of 1.0 ppb using Au-ICP21.



-Asset: Kamatanda Tailings

-Status: Active

-Commodities: Copper and Cobalt

-Equity: 100%

-Country: The Democratic Republic of Congo

-Summary: Kamatanda is a mining area just north of Likasi, a mineral rich region within the Haut-Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Cactus Investments signed a commercial agreement to operate the site with GECAMINES, the DRC National Mining Company, which is the owner of the site.

The estimate reserve  is 450,000 tons (dry) at 1% for copper and 0.18% for cobalt. The extracted raw materials will be transformed locally into copper cathode and cobalt hydroxide.

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